Monday, April 28, 2008

Our Backyard After Last Night's Storm


the hamster said...

you should see THE RUINS. plants eat people. i mean, there is nothing dull about plants eating people.

actually, steve martin is not in THE RUINS. so it's no horror market of small size. that is one blow against it.

the word "rabies" makes me shiver.

John Barber said...

I meant to comment in your post about The Ruins - funny thing is, when you posted that, I was in the middle of the book. Still haven't seen the fine feature film yet, but I'd sure like to.

the hamster said...

i have, like, a gazillion books on my reading list for the summer. (i also hope to get my caffeine addiction down to two cups - as opposed to two french presses - a day; plus, i'd plan to grow pectorals that will fill out one of corey green's wife-beaters ultra-pretty like.... or maybe not).

so, maybe one of the great things that grad school has done for me is convince me of how much i am capable of reading in a single week. if i can apply that same amount to leisure reading, the gazillion books will go down smooth and sweet as molasses. THE RUINS is on the other end of the list. if i get to it, you will be the first to know.