Friday, April 18, 2008

50 Things

1) I want a pair of Adidas' for every day of the week.
2) I own over 25 Monkees CDs.
3) I once snuck my girlfriend (now my wife) into my dorm room by walking her behind a very fat man.
4) The first beer I ever had was a Guinness.
5) My first job was slinging burgers at a McDonald's in Orlando.
6) I shaved my head bald in high school (not pretty).
7) I loooove bad horror movies - the worse, the better.
8) Favorite pro teams: Orlando Magic, Atlanta Braves, Baltimore Ravens.
9) I have preached at church 3 times.
10) My car broke down in ghetto Orlando while I was on a date with my dream girl, and I had to call my friend's dad to come get us.
11) My all-time favorite novel is A Prayer for Owen Meany
12) Weather greatly effects my moods.
13) I once spent the night in the Shark Encounter at Sea World.
14) My sister and her husband are adopting a child from China.
15) My secret ambition is to be a rock star (now if only I could sing or play an instrument).
16) My wife is an incredible writer.
17) I think, like Myles, that one of the greatest smells in the world is photographic fix.
18) I love to cook.
19) Greatest band of all time? Vigilantes of Love.
20) Second greatest: Counting Crows.
21) I looove spicy food. Gimme heat and lots of it.
22) Eggo waffles are the food of the gods.
23) I have been to 2 NBA Finals games
24) I have visited Israel, and want to go back.
25) I have the My Little Pony theme song in my head right now.
26) I think Casino Royale rates with the best Bond movies.
27) I have taught all three of my children to give head butts.
28) I think that Calvinism v. Arminianism is a pointless argument.
29) My children have been forced to watch my favorite childhood shows - Danger Mouse and Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp, for example.
30) My first concert was Billy Joel, Storm Front.
31) I can't hit a baseball to save my life.
32) But I can shoot the three with the best of them.
33) My wife is jealous of my whistling skills.
34) I will have a hard time deciding who to vote for this year.
35) But I'm leaning toward Obama.
36) I'm a little tired of video editing.
37) I'm going on a date tonight!
38) I have tried, really I have, but I can't make myself care about hockey or soccer.
39) My mother kept, and my children have worn, some of my baby clothes.
40) Top Chef is the best reality show on TV.
41) I want to move to the Dominican Republic.
42) I went to the Tennessee/Vanderbuilt football game this year. My first College football game, OBU notwithstanding.
43) Ketel One, Glenlivet, and Negra Modelo.
44) I am glad that my son loves comics because it gives me an excuse to read them again.
45) I got my left ear pierced in college, but the hole has since closed up.
46) I'm turning into an after dinner pipe smoker.
47) I would have a hard time living without my Blockbuster Online membership.
48) My favorite time of the day is sitting on our bed reading Harry Potter to Sam and Laney.
49) I was second chair trumpet in middle school.
50) My wife is ridiculously hot. Seriously.


Rachel said...

Fun! I know so much more about you now. I like knowing these things better than the other thing I learned about you from your blog about Lucky. ha ha

Capt. Flipout said...

I am with you on the Negra Modelo!

Welcome vback!

Kimberly said...

You're back! Yeah!

Anonymous said...

#10 - I forget. Why didn't you call us? And the baby clothes - they were soooooooooo cute!

Doubtful Muse said...

Two questions:

1) Do you really have 25 Monkees CDs?

2) Do you still drink that weird colored soda pop? (can't remember the color or what it was called -- just that it was something that did NOT exist in nature!)


John Barber said...

1) At least. It may actually be more.
2) Hmm... was it Blue Pepsi? Cause they don't make that anymore...

Doubtful Muse said...

Now that you mention it, it *was* blue. ~Shudder~ I guess, if they don't make it anymore, I wasn't the only one to have that reaction then. I had no idea the Monkees made 25 CDs. Live and learn...

the hamster said...

#4 - my first beer was a heinenken. it's all uphill from heinenken.

#7 - if i was a girl version of me, i would crush on you big time for this. my favorite bad horror movies:

#11 - the boy version of me crushes on you for this.

#12 - the older i get, the more i like grey dreary days. like today. very british.

#20 - both genders in me just found their deal breaker.

#21 - korean food is my favorite ethnic food. when i eat something uber-spicy, my bald spot burns. i've only met one other person that burns in their scalp from spicy food. it's euphoric.

#28 - the pointlessness depends on if you chose the argument or if the argument chose you.

#29 - HOLY SHIT! you know lancelot link secret chimp? you have to: it came on nickelodeon at 3:00, right before the monkees at 4:00. recommendation: show your kids the adventures of rocky and bullwinkle. it's crazy smart and punny. people who love words, and want their kids to love words, should watch rocky and bullwinkle on a regular basis.

#30 - i won tickets to billy joel / elton john in the 12th grade. i went with shannon carpenter. i promised myself that i would kiss her during elton john's "can you feel the love tonight" cause she loved that song, but she called me on it right when elton started singing. dude, denied before i even went in for the kill.

#34 - make it easy on yourself: don't vote for any of them. choosing the lesser of two evils is not voting - it's settling in a patriotic box.

#50 - so is mine. dude, we're, like, blessed.

Anonymous said...

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