Saturday, June 28, 2008

What's the news from your bed?

A few updates for you:

1. I use ellipses way too much.
2. This is completely self-indulgent. I mean, this is totally, wholly, egotistical on our part. I know this. But it's so much darn fun. The hamster, Myles, and I have started a new blog where we do nothing but review movies. Check it out - it's boss.
3. Benjamin loves him some Blue's Clues. Amazing. Steve (and Joe, I reckon) have helped raise all three of my kids.
4. There is some big news on the horizon. We hope. Should be happening in the next week or two. Cross your fingers for us. And say a prayer or ten.
5. Do you have to be married for, like, 30 years to renew your vows? Cause I love my wife a whole lot. She's groooovy. And she puts up with me getting tired and going to bed at ten o'clock.
6. The new Ben Shive record is jawdroppingly gorgeous. Go to The Rabbit Room and buy it. It's worth the ten bucks - seriously, what's ten bucks anymore, an extra value meal from McDonald's? Go buy "The Ill Tempered Klavier."
7. I bought this great book from the used bookstore this week. It's called Peculiar Treasures: A Biblical Who's Who by Frederick Buechner. Awesome.
8. I am officially a Tennessee state certified commercial C3(turf grass and ornamentals) pesticide applicator. As my mom says - "Every mother's dream."
9. I really want to go see WALL-E this weekend. Have you seen the reviews?
10. This one's from Laney, "I love you, world."


the hamster said...

i'll save all my film notes for the other site.

when i lived with jesse back in kansas city, we would listen to that steve martin record endlessly. it's great. "alright, enough comedy jokes!" that just never got old.

4. see, now you got a brother chomping at the bits.

5.a. i have neighbors who say their wedding vows to one another over coffee every saturday morning. that's nice. i mean, that's real nice.

5.b. dude, your wife is stellar awesome.

8. i'd appreciate an entire post on what this means.

9. (other site)

10. you or the wife or both need to do an entire post that is just kid quotes. that stuff that about sam quoting mozart was too good. i read it to the wife.

keep the good stuff coming, sir.

Shirley said...

What's this about Sam quoting Mozart? Speaking of Sam, he told me the other day that we may have a celebrity as a distant, distant relative.......Tiki Barber!

Kel said...

I use ellipses all the time too.

and i think you can renew your vows whenever you want to :).

yay blogger!


Doubtful Muse said...

Ellipses are ... great. You can renew your vows whenever you want to. I got married twice (to the same person) -- once in the Methodist church and once in the Catholic church. The ceremonies were two years apart. We figured if we got bored, we could work our way through ceremonies in all the different religions.

disa said...

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