Friday, June 13, 2008

A (Day)Dream Show

There's this charitable organization called Letters to Santa. They do some really cool stuff for underprivileged kids, or something. I'm not really interested. What they do that is awesome, though, is that every year they have a living room benefit concert with Jeff Tweedy. They record it and it ends up online somehow (something to do with vacuum tubes, I think). And then those recordings find their way magically on my computer where I can lovingly enjoy them.

But here's the best part. The format of this thing is that Jeff goes around the room to each person and lets them request a song. That's the set list. Each person chooses their favorite and he plays it. Ridiculous.

So I was spreading fertilizer a few days ago and listening to the show and daydreaming about what I would choose if Jeff picked me. I'm so indecisive though, everyone would get mad at me for taking too long to make up my mind (Should I pick When the Roses Bloom Again? How about Hummingbird? Candyfloss? Via Chicago? Summerteeth? I can't decide!! Janna, just pick for me."Ok, honey. Heavy Metal Drummer, please, Jeff.")

So here's my question for all of you. Which performer, and which song?

(Myles, if you say King's X, I'll scream.)

Here's my real answer:


JB said...

I do love me some 'drummer' but I was totally thinking: what's that halloween candy song -- I'd pick that one. I guess that means we both rock!

While we're on the subject, you're right, it is "books they all know they're not worth readin'" but I still like "books so hollow they're not worth readin'" and I will continue to sing it that way. I don't think Jeff would mind.

Kimberly said...

Can they be dead?

I would love to be in a room with Townes Van Zandt singing To Live is to Fly...

Myles said...

that's a good one.

nope, I'd take Springsteen doing "Cautious Man".

the hamster said...

ani difranco could sing the barney song to me and i'd be happy.

but i'd prefer she sing "32 flavors."

Capt. Flipout said...

Mark Heard - Another Good Lie

Pass the Fist said...

...but King's X doing Manic Depression is pretty great too.

Nathaniel said...

Dr. Ralph Stanley - Angel Band