Saturday, May 31, 2008

Things that I Love

In the wake of an outstanding Over the Rhine concert a few days ago, I think I'd like to mention some things that I love.

- Venues that serve beer and cocktails during the concert - any show is better with a Shiner Bock in tow.
- A crowd that's chronologically, socially, and economically diverse
- Guys that wear the shirt of the band that they're going to see - not that I would do that, of course
- Mary Gauthier, a whizbang combo of John Prine and Emily Saliers
- Merch Tables
- Gay Street in Knoxville
- A mom that will watch the kiddos on short notice
- Karen Berquist
- Linford Detweiler
- The stand-up bass
- A wife who likes to dance to the slow songs - even if she's the only one in the joint doing it
- Concerts with less than a couple hunnerd folks in attendance
- The Knoxville Bijou
- Music, especially the good kind


Anonymous said...

You're welcome!

the hamster said...

one day, i'm gonna do something great. something that will cause someone to say, "that hamster is a whizbang combo of..." and then i'll feel good.

my main concert buddy in kansas city thought every show better with a few jager-bombs in tow. again, i don't mean to be a snob, but jager? he and i never agreed on that one.

THE STRANGERS is worth watching, sir. saw it yesterday. it skeered me. i felt nervous. there were two highschool girls behind us that were so skeered they laughed uncontrollably at first, and then one of them started sobbing. it was a bit unsettling. i was not that skeered, but i did grab latonya's arm a couple of times.

i love dust-free fanblades.

Rachel said...

Soooo jealous. I wanted to go to that concert so badly. It couldn't have been too economically diverse, because there were some of us that were not represented because of the $17 ticket price! :-)

Myles said...

the guys who wear the band t-shirt? i've got to differ on that one. i can't say that i ever love that. of OTHER bands, sure, but wearing the band you're watching is like promoting something that everyone likes already: no one needs convincing to like the band--they're already there.

John Barber said...

You misunderstand me. I love those guys like I love Benjamin when he smears pancake all over his his face. It's an "aw, isn't that cute kind of love.