Tuesday, May 13, 2008

MD + 2, or what I have in common with Tom Cruise

I've been reading about D-Day lately, so from now on, all these posts will be titled as above (MD stands for Mother's Day).

Today's new thing: I took Lucky for the longest walk ever, through Bennett Place, a neighborhood I've never been in. The houses were gorgeous, but there wasn't a soul outside. It was like one of those plague movies where the entire populace has been wiped out. I could only hear the birds chirping and Lucky's claws on the street. Kind of surreal, really. I felt like Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky.

Simple, but nice.



the hamster said...

not to be rude, but here's something you've never done before (maybe for a MD+3):

you've never worn a picnic blanket tucked tight into your faded, fitted jeans and sang about the kevins or hamsters that you've known. maybe you should get on that.

better that you find yourself stranded in a VANILLA SKY city like tommy the cat cruise than in a I AM LEGEND city like the fresh prince. i mean, double yikes!

ps. i watched RAIN MAN yesterday for the first time since my teens. there was a time when tom cruise was both talented and cool. i miss that tom cruise. promise me, john, as my friend, if you ever see me going the way of the cruise - you know: losing talent and coolness - that you will stage an intervention. definitely an intervention. definitely, definitely an intervention.

Myles said...

I have to say that I never saw Vanilla Sky. In other news, Sam is getting frickin' huge! When did he turn into a full-grown kid?